Free VPS Hosting

How about a lifetime Free VPS Hosting Server that comes with Windows or Linux Operating system, unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly traffic, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited email accounts, free control panel (Plesk or Cpanel) and No Ads.

To be frank, there is no such VPS Hosting provider exist that can provide you everything for free for a lifetime.

free vps hosting

To maintain a good infrastructure, and offer a reliable virtual private server solution,  require a lot of money.

There is a huge investment required to run a web hosting business. Thus, it is practically not possible for web hosting companies to offer you a Free VPS Hosting for a lifetime.

But it doesn’t mean you can not get a VPS for free. There are web hosting providers that offer Free VPS Hosting for a limited time period e.g 1 month, 3 months, 6 months.

You can signup with them to use their VPS hosting services.

Being a VPS expert, we have worked hard for you and find out few Hosting providers that are offering a free virtual private server hosting with decent server configuration. They might not give you a server with everything unlimited for free but the server they will provide you will suffice your basic need. You will also get an option to upgrade your server to a higher configuration by paying a small amount of money.

The free VPS comes with your favorite operating system i.e Windows, CENTOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian etc. You can also get the latest version of your favorite operating system or can choose an older version based on its availability with the VPS Hosting provider.

As you must know that a Virtual Private Server or VPS is basically a Virtual Machine that allows you to run a copy of your own operating system and use 100% of resources without sharing with anyone. The virtual machine allows you to install any software you want and gives you root level access which you otherwise gets with a dedicated server. Virtual hosting offers you all dedicated server alike features with almost 1/4th or even lesser cost.